Hamilton-Lauraville Main Street’s Tuesday Market

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The Tuesday Market serves as a weekly gathering space for friends, neighbors, and families. In 2023, Hamilton-Lauraville saw its best season yet. Attendance was outstanding, venders were happy and successful, and the community was grateful. Through the Healthy Neighborhoods Small Block Grant, they were able to implement two impactful changes:

  • An indoor space allowed the Market to host extra activities including dance and movement classes, a Screen Painting art class, a “meet local authors” session, and information sessions with Healthy Neighborhoods.
  • The entertainment options directly impacted the amount of time and money spent on the market. In years past, patrons came to pick up goods and quickly left. This year we saw people staying for hours enjoying the music, cooking demonstrations, classes, and engaging their children in hands-on activities. Venders provided positive feedback on the increased foot traffic and sales throughout the season.

The Tuesday Market was a fantastic asset to the community. It saw many neighbors connecting, families eating dinner together, vendors networking with each other, and HNI met in person with a large population of our community weekly.

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